Motion Graphics

Ideas come to life in video

Explainer videos are a natural extension of our infographic design work where we help simplify complex ideas for the viewer to comprehend quickly and easily. In today’s world of increasingly short attention spans, videos are a great way to tell a story that is captivating and engaging.

Videos can be photo or illustration-based, and we are able to weave your brand visuals throughout for a professional and polished experience when you have an important concept to communicate. For example, animated videos can bring a business or impact model to life, or help your audience see how something works in a minute or two without having to read a lot of text. They can also build excitement around a brand, product, or idea.

Our services include:

  • Script development support and voice guidance
  • Storyboard development
  • Information/infographic design
  • Illustration
  • Animation and editing

A little movement adds a lot of visual interest, so we also design shorter animated graphics such as icons for your website or gifs for social media.

Explainer video for early cancer detection

Illustration and animation

The animation style in the video mirrors the monoline illustrations we drew for DetecTogether’s website. They incorporate selective, offset fills that add visual interest and color. In the video, we also incorporated an animated texture to the fill colors to add visual interest. The text was another opportunity to add motion and emphasis to key messaging.

The explainer video was first aired on television, was shown on a jumbotron at a baseball game, and is presented across multiple other media types so we worked with the client to ensure the video met all of the specifications for format, resolution, and time to ensure the optimal viewing experience.

See another explainer video

DetecTogether video playing on a jumbotron at a baseball park
DetecTogether video playing on a jumbotron at a baseball park

Explainer video for truck emissions reduction

Kleinman explainer video
Kleinman explainer video

Communicating the core idea

The focus of the explainer video was to make the core idea clear to the viewer within a few seconds. Our designer Kim solved this challenge by visualizing the idea in 2 different ways: as an infographic to introduce the high-level understanding and as an animated illustration to reiterate and add detail. Allowing the viewer to see the concept a couple of times emphasizes it and ensures it is clear.