We help you explore your brand through many different lenses, articulate your true brand essence, and consistently communicate—visually and verbally—to captivate your target audience. Our services include brand insights, brand strategy, logo design, visual identity, and much more.

We design and develop powerful, accessible and user-centric websites. We create effective tools and content for a wide range of digital marketing initiatives. Our services include website design, UX design, accessibility, digital marketing, presentation design, and more.

We help you creatively communicate complex information in approachable and easy-to-consume infographics for both digital and print applications. Our services include data charts, framework graphics, process graphics, iconography, illustration, and more.

Our knowledge and extensive experience in print design allows us to support your project from concept ideation, to design and layout, all the way through managing production. Our services include brochure design, collateral design, publication design, packaging design, promotional materials, report design, and more.

From our clients

From start to finish, working with Opus on a total website redesign was nothing short of a pleasure. We had an ambitious deadline, and they kept us on track while being a great source of support. The Opus team was extremely thoughtful, responsive, patient and visionary throughout the process, and truly revitalized our site in a manner that was highly creative and efficient.

Danielle Randall DoughtyCommunications Coordinator, MIT Chemistry Department

How We Are Different

empowering good

We are passionate about empowering the great people who are leading inspiring and mission-driven companies and organizations with the brand strategy, graphic design, web design, and infographic solutions that are most right for them. We will always care deeply about your well-being, your happiness, and your success because we sincerely believe that when you succeed, good prevails.

About Us

How We Are Different

design with purpose

We believe that the best design is purposeful — web design and graphic design that enables and elevates your organizational objectives and successfully addresses your audience’s needs. Good design, unlike art, delivers specific user needs and is aesthetically awesome at the same time. Your audience and users are our focus of every print design, web design, and infographic project.

About Us

How We Are Different


We will make sure that we all have a lot of fun on our brand strategy, graphic design, and web design journeys together. We will also serve as responsible project managers who will guide you through every step. We take personal pride in our passion for service excellence. We will communicate clearly and often throughout every strategy and design project and we will always be there for you.

About Us

How We Are Different


We don’t hide behind mysterious processes and we don’t have a pretentious design black box. We enjoy bringing you along on the creative journey and teaching you as much as you care to learn about our approach to brand strategy, graphic design, and web design. Please check out some of the workshops we have designed to share what we have learned and to help bring you more deeply into the process.

Our Workshops
website accessibility
Website Accessibility

Our graphic design and web design team is trained in accessible website design and development. Our UX and digital director, creative director, and art director studied in the user experience program at Bentley University and hold certificates in user experience design. In addition, our developer has extensive experience in developing accessible websites. We have also gained a lot of practice in creating accessible website design through our work with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) usability and accessibility team. We design and build accessible websites for higher education institutions as well as non-profit organizations. Here are some tips on how to create an accessible website.

We offer a website accessibility audit to review your current website and identify how to improve your website’s accessibility.