How We Are Different

Design with Purpose

Our branding and logo design projects start with stakeholder, audience, and competitor research. We help you articulate how you want the outside world to perceive your company or organization, both today and in the future. Design and marketing decisions are informed by strategic goals and strengthening your brand. Logo Design, Brand Strategy, Brand Research, and Branding Workshops are our tools to get there with you.

Empowering Good

We are passionate about empowering the great people who are leading inspiring and mission-driven companies and organizations with the brand strategy, graphic design, web design, and infographic solutions that are most right for them. We will always care deeply about your well-being, your happiness, and your success because we sincerely believe that when you succeed, good prevails.


We will have a lot of fun on our journey together and serve as responsible leaders who guide you through every step. We will care sincerely about you and your organization. We will communicate clearly and often and we will always be there.


We don’t hide behind mysterious processes and we don’t have a pretentious design black box. We enjoy bringing you along on the creative journey and teaching you as much as you care to learn about our approach to brand strategy, graphic design, and web design. Please check out some of the workshops we have designed to share what we have learned and to help bring you more deeply into the process.