Design for food and beverage

Successfully presenting the unique soulfulness of individual food and beverage brands

What we love most about design for the food and beverage industry is that it has so much soul. It is an industry passionate about nourishing people. It is an industry driven to deliver comfort, happiness, and wellbeing. To help advance the important work of the inspiring leaders in this industry, we have developed extensive experience in meaningfully engaging and captivating specific target audiences by articulating and successfully presenting the unique soulfulness of individual food and beverage brands.

We help you navigate complexity

We understand that sometimes you have only seconds to engage your audience and that other times you need to be prepared to provide rich details about your process, your sources, and your ingredients. We have deep experience and continue to immerse ourselves in the industry so that we help you navigate the complex landscape and maximize your success.

We empower emotional connections

A robust and clearly presented brand is critical in distinguishing and separating yourself in a crowded competitive environment. We can help you build or evolve a strong brand strategy to serve as the foundation from which all of your sales and marketing initiatives can emerge.

We can also help you bring your brand to life in the most compelling ways – in the ways that make the right emotional connections with your target audiences. This can be through brand identity, packaging, promotional collateral, website design, digital marketing, sell sheets, trade show booth design, and so much more.

Deep experience in the food & beverage industry

In addition to advising and supporting food and beverage clients of all sizes, across many stages of the supply chain, we have also worked as marketers and general managers inside food brands. We understand the important nuances distinguishing B2B and B2C communications. We understand the value of direct-to-consumer sales and marketing efforts and we also appreciate the importance of exciting channel partners into becoming advocates as opposed to gatekeepers.

Our brand strategy director Levon Kurkjian joined Opus after serving as President of Signature Breads and VP of Marketing of Kettle Cuisine, and a Marketing Strategy Consultant at Monitor Deloitte. He brings deep experience in the food and beverage industry to our design practice.

Meet our food industry expert, Levon Kurkjian

Westcoast Fresh Packaging Design - design for food and beverage
Westcoast Fresh Packaging Design - design for food and beverage

Our food & beverage clients

  • 20/20
  • Jungle Fruit
  • Vita Pura
  • Urban Desserts

  • Golden Girl Granola
  • Off Our Rocker

  • ButcherBox
  • Flourish

  • Bay State Milling
  • Finlays
  • Bertolino

  • Bay State Milling
  • Finlays
  • Bertolino
  • Tavern of Tales

  • Rodeo
  • JPG
  • CommonWealth Kitchen


Our food & beverage portfolio

Our food & beverage portfolio is extensive and includes dozens of examples in our 4 service areas: branding, print design, web design, and infographics.

Every interaction with your target customers is an opportunity to build your brand and grow your sales. We help you optimize each of those opportunities, present your brand powerfully and consistently, and move people deeply to become loyal fans and not only transactional customers.

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20/20 Wellness Shot Packaging
20/20 Wellness Shot Packaging

Packaging for food and beverage

20/20 is an exciting emerging brand that has developed a line of scientifically-backed wellness shots unlike any other.

With such a small surface area on the bottles, we needed to make some difficult choices about what information consumers most needed to be inspired to purchase. We mapped out many different communication hierarchies and thoroughly evaluated the pros and cons of each before settling on the final version. From there we created a packaging design that optimized impact, that created variety separation across skus, and that properly accounted for all relevant regulatory requirements.

20/20 packaging 

Branding for food and beverage

These uncommon cookies are baked with soul, wrapped with love, and labeled with humor. We are huge fans of all their different, great tasting flavors and we were instantly drawn to the inspiring energy of the founders. So, it was a privilege for us to help them captivate even more consumers with an effective new logo.

Off Our Rocker logo design

Finlays Sell Sheet Design
Finlays Sell Sheet Design

Print design for food and beverage

Finlays is a global supplier of high quality, vertically integrated tea and coffee ingredients. We are grateful for our wide-ranging, collaborative partnership with Finlays and working with them on their sell sheet design. Sell sheets to support their sales team’s efforts in engaging prospective customers in discussions about their many exceptional products.

Finlays sell sheets

We came to Opus at a time where everyone felt like we knew our company WHY, we just didn’t know how to articulate it. They brought us through an incredibly comprehensive process to get to the core of explaining why we do what we do. The Opus team was always available and helped us to push our brand to the next level. Great value for the money spent. I would absolutely recommend to anyone looking to jump-start a brand-building process.

Mike SalgueroFounder | CEO ButcherBox |