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An impactful investment

Developing and nurturing your brand is the most impactful investment you can make for building value in your organization. This applies across every sector and every industry. Externally, a well-developed brand allows you to captivate your target audiences by empowering profound, personal, and emotional connections. Internally, well-developed branding will ensure stronger alignment, more efficient decision-making, and enhanced recruiting and retention.

Our process respects the uniqueness of every brand

Our process respects the uniqueness of every brand development exploration. While we share our proprietary and successfully tested facilitation frameworks and our best practices insights, we always modify our approach to the specific nuances of your situation to maximize your journey and your outcomes. We recognize and appreciate the huge amount of trust you put in us to bring your brand to life so we reciprocate with the same level of responsibility and commitment we invest in developing our own brand.

Our branding portfolio

Every brand exists as part of a system—never in isolation. We help you better understand this landscape of audiences, peers, competitors, partners, stakeholders, and others to ensure your brand is unique, relevant, and engaging.

Examples of our Brand Insight services include:

  • Audience Profiles
  • Communications Audit
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Perception Analysis

A thoughtful and inclusive brand strategy serves as a strong foundation from which all future content can be created. It provides the inspiration and guidelines required for continued success in communicating your brand.

Examples of our Brand Strategy services include:

  • Brand Architecture
  • Brand Persona
  • Brand Story
  • Messaging
  • Mission & Vision
  • Naming
  • Organizational Purpose
  • Points of Difference
  • Positioning
  • Tagline Development
  • Values
  • Brand Book

A successful logo visually expresses and communicates your brand. We design logos that are unique, memorable, and timeless to support your brand building. We also ensure that your logo is practical—simple, functional, and adaptable.

Examples of our Logo Design services include:

  • Lockups
  • Logo Design
  • Wordmarks

Alignment and consistency across all communications, visual and verbal, are critical for eliminating confusion and maximizing the impact of your brand-building efforts. A carefully defined visual identity helps you get there.

Examples of our Visual Identity services include:

  • Color Palette
  • Photographic Style
  • Typography
  • Styleguide


We came to Opus at a time where everyone felt like we knew our company WHY, we just didn’t know how to articulate it. They brought us through an incredibly comprehensive process to get to the core of explaining why we do what we do. The Opus team was always available and helped us to push our brand to the next level. Great value for the money spent. I would absolutely recommend to anyone looking to jump-start a brand-building process.

Mike SalgueroFounder | CEO ButcherBox |