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We empower good

We are passionate about empowering the great and well-intentioned people who are leading inspiring and mission-driven companies and organizations. We will always care deeply about your well-being, your happiness, and your success because we sincerely believe that when you succeed, good prevails.

Purposeful design

Our design is purposeful. It enables and elevates your organizational objectives, successfully addresses your audience’s needs, and elicits profoundly emotional connections.

Higher Achievement website design
Higher Achievement website design


Our nonprofit clients

We work with organizations who provide services and address issues such as social justice and health and housing inequalities to help communities survive and thrive.

  • Christmas in the City
  • Bluehub Capital
  • National Medical Legal Partnerships
  • Chelsea Collaborative
  • The Devonshire Foundation.

We work with organizations who focus on both the natural and built environments, to preserve, manage, research, and advocate for best use and sustainability.

  • Groundwater Guardians
  • The Trustees
  • Biobased Maine
  • Carbon Neutral Cities Alliance
  • 128 Business Council

We work with organizations who focus on physical and mental health, disease, and support for individuals and families.

  • DetectTogether
  • Me2/ Orchestra
  • Joe Andruzzi Foundation
  • Massachusetts Down Syndrome Congress

We work with public and charter schools, state and community colleges, independent schools, and private institutions as well as programs that enable educational opportunity and inclusivity.

  • Worcester Public Schools
  • Parker Charter Essential School
  • NH Community Colleges, Westover School
  • Walnut Hill School for the Arts
  • MIT
  • Tufts
  • Harvard
  • Squashbusters
  • EdVestors

Our nonprofit portfolio

Our nonprofit portfolio is extensive and includes dozens of examples in our 4 service areas: branding, print design, web design, and infographics.

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Joe Andruzzi Foundation Logo
Joe Andruzzi Foundation Logo

Branding for nonprofit

The Joe Andruzzi Foundation is committed to providing help, hope, and a reason to smile, for New England cancer patients and their families by contributing financial support when it is needed most.

We are incredibly proud to have worked with the Joe Andruzzi Foundation (JAF) for many years and to be able to continue this partnership. It is a great honor for us to play a small role in helping JAF advance their mission to support cancer patients and their families through our graphic design and web design services. To coincide with their 10-year anniversary, we worked with JAF on their rebranding and logo design.

Joe Andruzzi Foundation logo design

Christmas in the City website design
Christmas in the City website design

Web design for nonprofit

Since 1989, Christmas in the City brings comfort & joy to Boston-area families experiencing homelessness and poverty. We were thrilled to work with this wonderful nonprofit on their website redesign.

Christmas in the City needed a website redesign that reflected how exciting their events are for families in need. It was also important that the website design for this Boston nonprofit communicated that the events aren’t only focused on Christmas. They are a supportive, inclusive group that welcomes diversity.

Christmas in the City website redesign

Groundwater Guardians infographics design
Groundwater Guardians infographics design

Infographics for nonprofit

Groundwater Guardians is a collaboration of professionals working to engage residents, visitors, and fans of Cape Cod in making clean water available for everyone. They hired us to design an infographics series to educate the community on topics such as aquifers, the importance of nitrogen and phosphorous, and emerging contaminants in drinking water. The organization struggled to make these technical topics clear for the public, so it was our job to learn, simplify, and visualize the information in infographics.

Groundwater Guardians infographics

BlueHub annual report design
BlueHub annual report design

Print design for nonprofit

BlueHub Capital projects touch the lives of underserved communities across the country. They reinvigorate their communities by financing affordable housing, child and youth programs, schools and health care facilities; renovating commercial real estate in distressed neighborhoods; introducing solar power to help contain energy costs of low-income families; and lending to homeowners facing the threat of foreclosure.

After completing the rename and branding project, BlueHub Capital asked us to design their annual report. Our approach was to include a combination of illustration and infographics to accompany the wonderful photographs.

BlueHub annual report design

Opus Design worked diligently with us on our rebranding. We’re a complex organization and our decision-making is by consensus, so the process of identifying a new name was longer than usual. It was worth it: we ended up with a name that stands out and a stunning visual identity that our employees, partners, investors and other stakeholders like very much. Throughout the process, Opus was responsive and flexible in turning around our requests. I highly recommend them.

Susan RiversFormer Chief Communications Officer, BlueHub Capital (formerly Boston Community Capital)