Global MIT

Global MIT Website

Global MIT strives to bring excellence, integrity, collaboration, diversity, equity, innovation and the Institute’s resources to bear on the world’s biggest challenges. These include climate change, poverty, and pandemic response.

A fun challenge with this project was to create an overview of the various programs across MIT, which was extensive, to show the breadth of possibilities, but also easy to administrate, given the ever-changing nature of those programs.

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Multi-faceted audience group

During the architecture phase of the project, we created specific landing destinations for each of the user groups. A large section of the website is dedicated to how the different groups can engage with the team, in a “How to Engage” section that has custom landing pages for students, alumni, faculty & staff, and visiting delegations. We created page layouts that were flexible to allow for various types of information to be presented in a clean, yet engaging and compassionate manner. A great focus was easy backend administration and flexibility for these page layouts.

Given the subject matter and broad audience, we also made the website available in multiple languages, easily switched to via a drop-down in the top navigation.

Web design for MIT

With the website design, we created a unique look that is nonetheless distinctly related to the main MIT look, showing how intertwined Global MIT is with everything in the institute.