Simplify complex ideas with powerful visuals

Visualizing information and data in a compelling graphic is a great way to tell your story and provide insight in a memorable way. The information becomes easier to understand, more scannable, and therefore faster to absorb.

Infographics come in many different forms — icons, illustrations, data charts, multi-level networks, flowchart infographics, custom combinations of all of them. We’ll help you identify the best format for your particular idea.

Our philosophy for infographics:

  • Form follows function: clearly communicating the information and drawing the insight quickly is more important than aesthetics (while looking awesome is important too, of course).
  • Establish a clear hierarchy: the audience should never feel overwhelmed.
  • Tell a story: create context, flow, and a call to action in visual storytelling.

Our infographic work

Data Chart, Graph, and Table Design

We take run-of-the-mill Excel and Powerpoint data and make it “wow!” with best practices for clean, clear, consistent information design to help your reader comprehend your data and the key takeaways easily.

Framework & Process Graphics Design

Framework infographics allow you to visually represent your organization’s framework or model for services, your mission, or process in an engaging way. Framework graphics and process graphics are used to communicate to your audience in an approachable and concise way what you do, why you do it, or how you do it. These graphics are very impactful in storytelling on your website, in pitch decks, on one-pagers, and more.

Icon Design

Icons can be designed for the simplest and the most complex of terms — from apple to zeugma. Icons can be used to help organize information on page or in a more complex process graphic, help the reader navigate or see connections between related pieces of information, and they can add a visual pop to otherwise dry terms.