Explainer video for truck emissions reduction

Kleinman explainer video
UPenn Kleinman CenterDigitalDigitalExplainer VideosInfographicsInfographicsData ChartsIconographyIllustrationIndustryIndustryEducationDurationDuration4 weeksProject teamProject teamKim LêSenior DesignerJulia FrenkleUX & Creative Director, PartnerTRUCKSKim learned the details about diesel, electric, and aerodynamic trucks to create technically accurate drawings

The script and storyboard

We collaborated with the Kleinman Center communications team to refine their draft script for the explainer video and build the storyboard. In order to keep the audience engaged, we kept the script as short as possible while communicating all key points.

In this video, we explained the idea of “truck ports” — a method of reducing truck emissions by dividing trips between two types of trucks, each optimized to perform best for its segment of the drive; one vehicle for highway and one for city driving.

Voiceover and audio

There is no better person to speak to the explainer video’s concept than the author himself. Steve recorded the audio for the explainer video which brought an authentic tone and enthusiasm to communicating the idea. We selected inspiring, optimistic background music to support his message.

Explainer video icons and illustrations

Our designer Kim learned a lot about diesel, electric, and aerodynamic trucks in order to create accurate drawings. Kim also designed and animated a variety of custom icons and data charts as well as infographics to communicate the concepts behind the truck port idea.

Watch the explainer video

Kleinman explainer video
Kleinman explainer video

Communicating the core idea

The focus of the explainer video was to make the core idea clear to the viewer within a few seconds. Our designer Kim solved this challenge by visualizing the idea in 2 different ways: as an infographic to introduce the high-level understanding and as an animated illustration to reiterate and add detail. Allowing the viewer to see the concept a couple of times emphasizes it and ensures it is clear.