Holiday GIF

Another opus blast from the past

CAPA is an organization that provides study abroad opportunities for college students and universities. This Global Education Network provides programs to enhance the higher educational experience.

The project

Our design company was hired to design an animated GIF for their 2017 holiday email. As a previous client, CAPA came to us knowing we would design something that would be just right for their audience. They asked the theme to be “peace” and did not want to have any religious affiliation.

Design challenge and approach

A GIF is an image file that supports both animated and static images.  The animation can happen once or be set to loop endlessly, as was the case with this project.

Sr. Graphic Designer, Emily Knapp went right to work on this animated GIF. To start, she took a look at past holiday emails CAPA had sent out. It was important that this project stayed consistent with the look and feel. With peace as the theme, the dove immediately seemed to be a fitting hero for this project. Next, Emily decided to put the dove into a snow globe. From here, the animation seemed an obvious next step. To execute the idea, she created this animated GIF in photoshop with 4 different images looped together. The outcome was a GIF CAPA thought represented the holidays and their company beautifully.