Explainer video for early cancer detection

DetecTogether is a nonprofit organization focused on building awareness for early cancer detection and empowering individuals to play a more active role in their own healthcare. After working together for naming, branding and building a new website, DetecTogether asked us to help with an explainer video to communicate their three-step cancer detection roadmap and build awareness for their nonprofit in a digestible way.

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Educate and empower

We worked together to write compelling copy that communicated the key points of the detection process while also conveying empathy for the serious topic. The script needed to be succinct to fit within a 0:30 second spot so that the video could be used across multiple platforms and adhere to time specifications. After the script was finalized, we then worked with the client on voice recording to ensure proper cadence, emphasis, and quality of sound. We explored and selected background music that matched the optimistic, yet serious tone of the messaging, and that also complemented the recorded voices.