Naming and branding for an evolving nonprofit

Detectogether logo design
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Aligning branding with mission

DetecTogether, formerly 15-40 Connection, evolved its mission over the course of its first 10 years and partnered with us to help reposition the organization and develop naming and branding to be more representative of their current work and to more quickly engage their target audiences.

DetecTogether is a nonprofit organization focused on building awareness for early cancer detection and empowering individuals to play a more active role in their own healthcare. At its inception, the organization focused on 15 to 40 year olds, the underserved invincible youth, but over time, they realized their work and their message was important to audiences of all ages. Additionally, the name of the organization was confusing for most and taking away from their ability to connect with audiences.

Fortifying brand strategy before building for the future

The leadership of DetecTogether had the important foresight to engage with us to revisit their brand strategy before moving forward with creating a new name, brand, and logo design. We worked closely with the leadership and select members of their board of directors to establish clear and aligned articulations of their higher purpose, brand persona, audience profiles, and points of difference. This work came further to life as we drafted 12 different messaging pillars to serve as the foundation for messaging and communication.

The road to DetecTogether

The journey to transition the name of this nonprofit organization from 15-40 Connection to DetecTogether was highly purposeful and multi-phased. The initial exploration identified the most important goals for the new name, the desired category of naming (e.g. descriptive), and 8 different naming pathways. These pathways were the insights from our brand strategy work that most strongly resonated with the organization as inspiration for their new name. This extended to well over 100 different naming options stemming from those pathways.

Testing with target audiences

After the initial list of names was narrowed down and screened for url and trademark availability, we tested the highest priority names with a diverse range of members of their target audiences. We not only tested the organization names but we also tested tag lines and the combinations of names and tag lines. The people spoke and the results were clear — DetecTogether and “saving lives through the early detection of cancer” connected very strongly with audiences.

Logo and visual identity

With brand strategy and messaging as well as naming and branding completed as the foundation, we designed a powerful and purposeful logo and an overall visual identify to best reflect the new direction of the brand and to meaningfully connect with their target audiences. All of the work came together in a comprehensive brand book to ensure all future design and messaging are aligned in service of consistently presenting the organization across all touchpoints.

We are grateful to Opus for their tremendous partnership as we sought to rename and rebrand our organization. Opus thoughtfully guided us through a brand strategy and naming process that helped us best articulate who we are, why we truly exist, and how we are unique. They thoroughly tested the messaging and creative with audiences who know us, and people who didn’t, so that we could make informed decisions.

Joyce O'Connor DavidsonVice President of Communications & Engagement, DetecTogether