Nonprofit website design for early cancer detection

DetecTogether nonprofit website design
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Nonprofit website design to save lives through early cancer detection

The website design for DetecTogether is a critical tool in building awareness for their life-savingĀ  “3 Step Detect” process for early cancer detection. Our design team created a captivating overall website user experience as well as engaging custom icons to spread DetecTogether’s important message.

The site focuses on people, their success stories, and actionable advice on how to detect cancer early and when it is much more likely to be treatable. The look and feel of the website is upbeat and positive to visualize that people are empowered to take control over their health. Photos of people and their stories make the website feel warm and human and connect website visitors to real people and their experiences.

The organization

DetecTogether empowers people to actively take control of their health through the early detection of cancer and the relentless pursuit of the best outcomes. They prepare people to become valued collaborators with their healthcare providers in beating cancer and saving their own life.

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DetecTogether nonprofit website design
DetecTogether nonprofit website design

Website accessibility

This nonprofit website design is compliant to WCAG 2.1 AA guidelines. Making a website accessible improves the website experience for all audiences including website users with disabilities leveraging assistive technologies to access the website’s content. Our team cares deeply about being inclusive to all audiences. Our designers, for example, ensure sufficient color contrast during the website design for users with low vision, and our development team implements website code that assistive technologies can easily read.

Team Opus, what a tremendous partnership this has been. Absolutely thrilled with the outcome. As a veteran of many website redesigns, I can easily say this one by far has been the most seamless and gratifying thanks to your talent, guidance, patience, and professionalism. Thank you!

Amy KotsopoulosCreative Director, DetecTogether