The Women's Network Website Design Layouts

The Women’s Network Website Redesign

The Women’s Network is a rapidly growing organization committed to redefining ambition and supporting and advancing collegiate and young professional women across the country. As a woman owned business ourselves, we were excited for the opportunity to design and develop a website that more accurately and completely represents the TWN brand and their extensive, impactful work.

We pulled design inspiration from multiple sources including their robust social presence and created a new, complementary palette and graphic elements to showcase the evolving brand in a new way.

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The Women's NetworkWebsitesWebsitesWebsite DesignWebsite DevelopmentDurationDuration5 months142campus chapters represented on the site
Our Mission page design

Planning for growth

It was clear from the beginning of the project that TWN’s new website needed to be designed in such a way that would keep pace and scale with the organization’s continued growth, as they added over 100 campus chapters in 2021 alone. Throughout the process we were mindful of where to build in the ability to filter, sort, or visually compose information in a way that would not overwhelm the user as content continued to grow over time.