Boston Common Mater Plan Logo design

Logo Design for Boston Common Master Plan

Our very own Boston Common is “America’s First Public Park.” It opened in 1634 and remains one of the most treasured green spaces in the world. The city is now working to revive, conserve and improve the park to ensure its future enjoyment for all.

We were excited to hear that Weston & Sampson will lead the master planning efforts for the Boston Common Master Plan. W&S is an award-winning landscape architecture firm known for their thoughtful restorations and sustainable design. We were also thrilled when Weston & Sampson asked Opus to design the logo for the Boston Common Master Plan.

Weston & SampsonBrandingBrandingLogo DesignDurationDuration5 months

A logo for a place that means alot to many

This was a logo design project for a place that means a lot to many people here in Boston and around the world. The client team included members of Weston and Sampson as well as important stakeholders Boston Parks and Recreation and Friends of the Public Garden. Their different perspectives, needs, and concerns around the logo made the project challenging but also more strategically informed which was very helpful.

Weston & Sampson created a Master Plan website to share information on the project and community engagement events.