Sell sheet design for global ingredient supplier

Finlays Sell Sheet Design
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We are grateful for our wide-ranging, collaborative partnership with Finlays and working with them on their sell sheet design. Finlays is a global supplier of high quality, vertically integrated tea and coffee ingredients. Their mission is to connect humanity through natural beverages. Combining tradition and innovation to create a healthier, happier, and better world by bringing best from bush to cup.

Sell sheet design

We partnered with Finlays to do high impact sell sheet design. Sell sheets to support their sales team’s efforts in engaging prospective customers in discussions about their many exceptional products. The goal was to quickly captivate target audiences by demonstrating relevance and value and to inspire them to want to learn more. These sell sheets were created to be effective across many different customer interactions – trade shows, live meetings, email correspondence, and more.

Less is more

Traditionally, food and beverage industry sell sheets have been loaded with lots of text because there is always so much information available to share. However, when faced with all that text, audiences rarely engage and are often left confused and frustrated. So, we worked closely with Finlays to establish a messaging hierarchy that was clear and concise. We highlighted only the points that were most important, and we used iconography to help audiences quickly understand that these products were relevant to them.

Finlays print design
Finlays print design

Make the case

We structured a compelling argument to inspire target audiences to trigger Finlays’ desired call to action – outreach to or immediate discussions with the sales team. We did this by clearly identifying who these products were for, why those prospective customers should care, and how Finlays’ solution was positively differentiated. We combined an appeal to rational decision making with a tug on the most relevant emotions to elevate impact.

Awesome acknowledgment

We were very moved by the thoughtful note we received from Finlays about this collaboration, “I’ve been working at this company for 15 years and have to say the work your team provides is unparalleled, we are very lucky to have found you all.”

Finlays Sell Sheet
Finlays Sell Sheet