Packaging design for wellness shot brand

20/20 Wellness Shot Packaging
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20/20 is an exciting emerging brand that has developed a line of scientifically backed wellness shots unlike any other. Their mission is to empower people to perform at their best in their everyday lives and to help athletes consistently perform at their peak. The founder partnered with us for packaging design for the wellness shot of his four unique skus.

Standing out in a crowded field

The category of wellness shots has grown significantly in recent years and many new brands have entered the market. As such, it was critical for us to intimately understand the competitive landscape so that the packaging design would ensure 20/20 stood out in a way that quickly captivated and engaged target consumers.

Communicating the right information

With such a small surface area, we needed to make some difficult choices about what information consumers most needed to be inspired to purchase. We mapped out many different communication hierarchies and thoroughly evaluated the pros and cons of each before settling on the final version. From there we created a packaging design that optimized impact, that created variety separation across skus, and that properly accounted for all relevant regulatory requirements.

In addition to the packaging, our design team also created the logo.

Wellness shot logo and packaging dessign
Wellness shot logo and packaging dessign