Chill: stress-free frozen yogurt

Chill is an independent, tart frozen yogurt shop located right next to the Opus design studio in Boston. Since we moved to our space in 2013, we have had the luxury of Chill to cool us off, any day of the week with flavors like coconut, mango, blueberry and my favorite, “original.”

When it’s “time for chill,” we head down the stairs, out the door, and into the cool little white modern shop where Peter, the owner, would say “hey,” and wait patiently as we decided what we wanted. The designers enjoyed trying different combinations like coconut with granola or blueberry with mochi, but I pretty much always ordered the same thing, “original with strawberries.”  The strawberries would freeze slightly from the cold and add just the right amount of sweetness to the tart yogurt.

We’ve taken clients to Chill after or before meetings. Friends and family come to visit and ask “can we go to Chill?” because they know it’s only steps away. When Julia had her son, we brought her 2 big containers when for our visit and found out that her husband, Mike, had also made trips to Chill for the new mother.

You might try to compare Chill to the best froyo places in the Boston and Cambridge, like Red Mango and Berryline. I’ve tried them too and always thought that Chill was superior. They never have more than 3 or 4 flavors, not 16 or 23 which are probably created with different flavor packets. They are made with real fruit and consistently tart, light, and full of real flavor… I always felt a tiny bit sad eating the last spoonful.

Every winter, Peter closes the shop for several weeks and it was a true celebration the day he reopened in the spring. Like reuniting with an old friend, Chill was back and ready to provide fruity moments of refreshment for the months to come. This winter when he closed, I was already starting to anticipate the day the doors would open again.

Sadly, a new sign was posted on the glass window in January, “Retail space for rent.” Probably, the most horrifying sign I’ve ever read.

No warning, no goodbyes, just an empty shop. I’m at a loss. I think a lot of other yelp reviewers are too. Here’s one that sounded just like I feel:

“I live next door and was impatiently waiting for the store to reopen after their yearly winter break. To my surprise, horror and sadness, a lot of emotions going on at once, I saw the For Lease sign as of 01/19/2017!!! What happened to the best frozen yogurt of Boston?! They had the best tart and coconut flavor.   If anyone knows about their whereabouts please let me know if they’d be reopening somewhere else in Boston. I miss Chill frozen yogurt too much. That’s what kept me energized every day in the summer!”  Yelp reviewer (5 stars, of course)

Buy 10 Get 1 Free cardHere’s my last Buy 10 Get 1 Free card 🙁  Thanks for all the good times Chill. We’ll miss you.