Food Brand Showdown – Tortilla Chips Edition

Many of us have fond memories of our favorite basket of tortilla chips. Since that experience, no other tortilla chip has been able to compare. We may have enjoyed them at a local authentic Mexican restaurant, a national restaurant chain, or at a house party. Wherever it was, those particular tortilla chips had the perfect amount of salt. It had just the right type of crunch. And they scooped up our salsa or guacamole exactly as we had always hoped.

While there are many different claims to the origin of the tortilla chip, there is no questioning their global mass appeal. The retail market size for tortilla chips today is in the many billions of dollars. Dozens of different companies from smaller, regional players to much larger international conglomerates have introduced tortilla chip brands in an effort to win a share of this huge market. So, we thought we would put a few of them to the test in the Opus Tortilla Chip Showdown.

Tortilla chip taste test

We tested 6 different brands of tortilla chips. Wwe purchased these from different supermarkets near our Boston based brand strategy and creative services studio. The 8 of us who participated were not aware of the brands of each of the tortilla chips. We evaluated each brand for Appearance, Taste, Texture, and Dip-ability. Then we gave each tortilla chip an overall favorability rating.

The result

The winner overall and in every individual category was the Mi Nina sea salt tortilla chip. These Mi Nina tortilla chips have a very appetizing artisan appearance, a perfect balance of flavor from the corn, salt, lime, and oil, and a really pleasant crunchy snap. These tortilla chips were also great for dipping in salsa, hummus, and (don’t judge us) Nutella. The Opus team gives Mi Nina tortilla chips two unanimous thumbs up.

Since we are fortunate to serve many clients across different segments of the food and beverage industry with our brand strategy, print design, and website design services, we are always evaluating food and beverage brands. Our showdowns are one of many forms of evaluation. Please stay tuned for future showdown updates and please let us know if there is a category of food or beverage that you would like us to include.

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