Walnut Hill School Giving Mailer

The client:

Walnut Hill School for the Arts is the only independent arts high school in New England.  Talented young artists receive education and  training in visual arts, music, theater, dance, writing, and film and media.  Walnut Hill is located on a beautiful campus in Natick, Massachusetts.

The project:

As our design company’s first project with Walnut Hill we designed a series of three annual fund giving mailers.  These mailers will be sent out throughout the year with their own distinct look, but a consistency of each having a portrait of a founder.

Design challenge and approach: 

After touring the beautiful campus, Sr. Designer Ellery Curran, was inspired and in awe.  The walls are filled with art from their students and alumni  from all over the world.  This co-ed high school is a dream for any student in love with the arts.

Ellery decided to mix the past with the present for the annual fund mailers.  She felt this design would speak to the history of the school and the creativity and exploration the students now have at the school.  Using portraits of the founders, Ellery placed the original on the outside of the mailer to make a familiar connection with the recipient. On the inside she sketched over the portrait with a present day, modern scenario that’s deliberately anachronistic.  The result was unexpected, fun and energetic.  One that we know will inspire those who care about the history and tradition of the school, as well as it’s present day spirit where it is going.  Check it out!

Mailer Portrait

Mailer with sketch

Ellery used the iPad to add the hand-drawn graffiti mural style to the portrait.  She used colors from the portrait to guide her decisions about the colors of the mailer and she added in a place for a user to answer a question about modern trends related to the sketch.  This mailer becomes more than just about giving, it’s about connecting with the school and being a part of the tradition at Walnut Hill School of the Arts. Our client needed something to get the attention of young alumni and we responded with a fun design and unusual approach to their annual giving mailer.

Mailer Question