MIT Electric Aircraft Logo

The logo project

Opus Design was asked to create a logo for MIT Electric Aircraft Initiative. They were looking for a logo that is sharp and clean, with a technologically advanced look.  They needed a strong, smart and sophisticated style that would speak to their creditability and leadership in the electric aircraft field.

The client

Electric Aircraft is an initiative of MIT out of the AeroAstro Department in the School of Engineering.  It is always exciting to work with a client that is constantly doing such cool and innovative work.  MIT Electric Aircraft Initiative is in the process of designing a plane powered by electricity that has low or no direct emissions and is noise conscious.

Design challenge and approach

The challenge for Sr. Designer Casey McGee was in creating a visual for something that does not exist. It’s exciting to be on the forefront of technology, so we wanted to give them a logo that matched their innovation.  Casey took her inspiration from aerodynamics and the sky.  She gave them a typographic logo with sharp edges, space for airflow and an electric blue color.

The final logo came after lots of research and showing the client several options for the logo.  As in many cases, they were attracted by different elements from different options.  Casey worked to incorporate some of these elements into the type-based version below. We’re eager to follow their success at creating an electric aircraft for future transportation and look forward to seeing the logo flying in the sky.