The Devonshire Foundation Logo Design

The Devonshire Foundation logo & website design

The Devonshire Foundation is a private family foundation that helps organizations build their organizational capacity to have greater reach and better outcomes with a more sustainable future.

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Logo process

Our logo design process started by identifying how the organization wanted to be perceived and discussing appropriate logo marks to draw to communicate with their target audience. The first round of this foundation logo design included 12 logo options with a wide range of concepts. After exploring many directions, the final decision landed on the logo our designer Kim created using the foundation’s initials.

The Devonshire Foundation website

Website design

Our creative director Ellery and our designer Heidi collaborated on the website design which started by identifying the content for the site, establishing the sitemap, and wireframing the page templates. The website, among many others, features all of the foundation’s grantees in a searchable list. The website design is very visual, leveraging photography and the leaf design element from the logo to create a branded pattern.

Devonshire Website Mobile


The website was built using the hosted Webflow CMS, a very easy to use content management system. We love using Webflow for smaller websites with limited functionality because the CMS is stripped down to just the functionality the user needs. For websites with few pages and simple functionality, WordPress can often be overkill. Some of Webflow’s benefits are

  • ease of use for website admins
  • flexibility for 100% custom design
  • no need for maintenance since it is hosted