Why Webflow is a great design tool

We serve a wide range of clients, from large Higher Ed institutions to small 2-person start-ups. Given the range of clients, we also use a range of tools for websites we design.
Webflow is a CMS that is specifically created for designers. They have made it possible for designers to build websites without needing to know how to code (too much). With a great library of tutorials, Webflow provides all you need in order to start building a website from scratch. We have now built several websites using the tool and have only asked our developer for a small piece of custom code each time. Webflow is a great no-code/low-code tool that we highly recommend and here are four reasons why:

It’s visual

The first and biggest reason why Webflow is easy for designers to use is that it’s all VISUAL. There is little coding, just an intuitive interface. You can view your page as you build it and see the structures you are creating right on the page. It’s better when we can see what we’re doing and have visual confirmation whether something is working or not.

Great content management system

The CMS is super easy to use which is a huge plus. In the end, our clients have to maintain their websites on their own so the CMS is really important. It crops your images for you, posts and news items are super easy to add, copy is added and revised in seconds. The CMS is stripped down and doesn’t have a million features, that’s why it’s so easy. Of course, that’s why it’s best used for smaller websites.

Custom design

Unlike using an online builder that only uses templates, you are fully in control. This means that you are NOT building a templated site! You can design and build a completely custom website and not feel confined to predefined content blocks. All the structure and design is completely up to you.

Test and fix

Designers can test the website AND make the adjustments. That’s right, there is no back and forth with our developer when we can just make changes ourselves. No more asking if they can add just 5 more pixels of margin above a title or image. It speeds up the entire process, so you can cut your own time down by half or more and cut your developers time to practically nothing!

If you are looking for a new website, contact us and we can discuss whether a Webflow website is right for you.

See a Webflow website we designed