Tufts admissions viewbook design

Compact college admissions viewbook design

“Our team needs a compact admissions viewbook design that can be updated easily.” This is what we heard at the first meeting with our clients from the Tufts Friedman School of Nutrition Science and Policy. Members of the team travel frequently and need to carry stacks of these materials, so they should be as lightweight as possible.

College admissions viewbook design

One design goal was convenience in shipping and carrying the viewbook. This is primarily because the viewbook would serve as an invitation to the college’s website, where most of the detailed content lives. Friedman also wanted to be able to include content that might change each year, each month, or even more frequently. We proposed the idea of a very small piece that serves as a container for dynamic content such as fact sheets or event information. This “folder” approach is great because the college can update content easily and even in-house, without a big expense. This is also a smart solution because it minimizes extra pages that might not be relevant for every student or situation.

A special folder design

When people think of folders they usually think of a standard pocket style; 9×12 folded with a 4-inch pocket. These are pretty traditional and large. So we wanted to rethink the idea of the folder and create something more interesting for Friedman. The school’s brand is exciting, modern and relevant so we knew we needed something different that was super functional but also with a cool factor.

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