Infographics for Barbara Lee Foundation

The client

The Barbara Lee Foundation works to advance the equality of women in politics and in contemporary art.  Located in Cambridge, Massachusetts Barbara Lee is the founder and president, and was inspired by her grandmother to educate people on gender disparities.

The project

Opus Design was asked to take their research and design infographics to make the information easy to understand and more memorable.  Data can be even more powerful communicated in a clear and visual way.  The data collected was on 4 different types of candidates and how they should talk about their families and personal lives. The infographics would be published as part of a whitepaper and shared through social media as well as on their website.  Casey, Sr Designer and Graphic Illustrator worked with Lily Robles, our Creative Director on this project.

Design challenge and approach

The foundation took 4 candidates, one male with a family and 3 females with variations of family and researched how people viewed their personal lives.  The challenges Casey described, was to design infographics that:

  • had style and a custom look
  • were different and distinguishable from each other to help make necessary points about the research
  • did not display any bias or stereotype.

However, she felt that adding more detail than just a simple circle head and shoulders made the infographic more memorable and real.  You can read the full memo here.

candidates infographic

Casey continued to bring the data to life with this infographic that connects the findings of the research with the impact on the candidate.


Finally, Casey designed  The Changing American Family showing how this is affecting our workforce and candidates into visual data.  Points of importance are brought to attention by bar charts, infographics and larger type.  The Barbara Lee Foundation loved how the data came to life and the conversations it will start.