How to put Text on a Curve

toolbarHere’s an easy “how-to” for people new to Adobe Indesign for on “How to put Text on a Curve.”

Let’s begin with language, in Indesign you are not typing on a curve, you are typing on a path.  A path could be a curve, a line, a rectangle, etc.  The “type on a path tool”  is located in the Type Tooltext, hold your cursor on it and choose “type on a path tool.” toolbar

To create a path:

  • Select from the left tool bar the “pen tool” Type on a path
  • Click a point on your document
  • Hold shift and click and hold the second point
  • While holding the point drag it down to create the curve

To type on the path:

  • Click on the “type on a path tool”type on a curve
  • Click on your path in the document and type away

You can then change the font, location on the path or even try a circle, the options become limitless.   Watch the demo below for a look at how to put text on a curve or