DRG EBooks

Using eBooks to share content

DRG is a global information and technology services company that works with the healthcare industry. As you might imagine, they collect and distribute a lot of information and we have been working with them to create a series of eBooks to communicate with their clients. Their eBooks are distributed for content marketing on their website and via email as well as printed for meeting leave behinds, trade shows, etc.

We work with DRG to convert their lengthy content into a more visual journey. This makes it graphically interesting for the viewer and allows for the content to be more easily digested. Designing these has been a great way to extend DRG’s brand and demonstrate their thought leadership and expertise.

DRG eBooks
Some examples of pages from DRG’s eBook series. Bringing content to life through graphics and layout.

There are a variety of perks that come along with eBooks. Besides the major one of saving trees, check out 6 Benefits Of eBooks For Your Content Marketing Campaign. This article, by Robin Kastengren on Zerys.com provides details around the following benefits:

  1. Establishing Expert Status
  2. Perceived Value
  3. Quick to Produce
  4. Convenience
  5. Sell Subtlety
  6. Interactivity

Having an online presence is so crucial for businesses these days so we suggest you take a page from DRG’s eBook.