Bertolino Foods logo design

Logo and website for Bertolino Foods

As Bertolino Foods continued to grow and expand their 3G (third-generation) family business, they recognized the need to revisit their brand strategy in order to maximize future growth opportunities. They had evolved from a single brand to an umbrella for multiple brands and they expanded their B2B core business to now include a range of B2C offerings. We worked with the team to formalize a brand architecture, discover a foundational brand strategy, and to design a new logo and website.

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Bertolino Foods Contact page design
Bertolino Foods Who We Serve Page
Bertolino Foods News page
Bertolino Foods Recipe Page
Bertolino Foods logo design

Foundation in brand strategy

Once we established Bertolino Foods as a parent company, we launched into an exploration of defining that brand. We identified and vetted relevant and defendable points of difference, created detailed profiles of target customers, and articulated the persona of the brand. These and other discoveries became the foundation for bringing the brand to life visually and tonally.

Bertolino Foods homepage design

Website design and easy administration

The website builds excitement and appetite appeal and provides useful, easy-to-find information for every audience, including mouthwatering recipe ideas for busy consumers living active lifestyles.

To give the news a branded, visual pop, we designed an exciting card layout for the news in the website design that makes images optional without sacrificing visual appeal. For news entries, images are often not available. Announcing product news is made easy for website administrators with this approach.


To showcase the mouthwatering meals created with the Bertolino Foods products, the website features a fun recipes section. To reiterate the company offering, users can easily filter the recipes by products. Take a look at some of our favorites, the Shaved Stake BLT or the Apple Gouda Chicken Breakfast Sandwich.