The Robert Jensen Dau Foundation Logo & Website

The Robert Jensen Dau Foundation is a non-profit foundation with a purpose to fulfill charitable goals as set forth by its founder Robert Dau and his daughter. The organization primarily supports education, the written word, arts, and the environment. The foundation pays particular attention to Northern Michigan where the founder was born.

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Tree of Life

It was important to create a logo that embodied not only the work that the foundation does, but that also reflects the values and passions Robert Dau is remembered for. The logo depicts a tree of life, a fundamental symbol of growth, inspired by the support the foundation provides to others, allowing them to thrive and flourish. The logo also incorporates elements of a maple leaf to represent Northern Michigan and the prosperity Robert Dau found in maple products as a woodcarver.

Robert Jensen Dau Foundation Website Design

Website Design

After designing the logo for The Robert Jensen Dau Foundation, we got to work on a website for them. Despite being a small website, the design needed to have a large impact and be warm and welcoming. Leveraging elements from the logo, we created a consistent style throughout the website. The icon set featured on the homepage and the arrows that show up when hovering over a button were created with shapes derived from the logo.

It is important for the foundation to be able to highlight their PEN/DAU prize winners, which they can do through the recent news section on the homepage, and through the prize winners landing page, where a filterable table can be sorted by year, name, and publishing journal.