Higher Achievement website design

Higher Achievement website design

Higher Achievement is a non-profit organization headquartered in Washington DC that strives to close the opportunity gap during the pivotal middle school years. While based in DC, they currently have affiliates in Detroit, Pittsburgh, Baltimore and Richmond as well. The non-profit needed a website design that would increase awareness, encourage giving and participation and represent their brand more effectively in general.

Having worked with us previously for other services including their holiday card print design and giving campaign design, the team contacted us again for their website refresh. The existing site had a lot of interesting content, but was extremely difficult to navigate and inconsistent among the various location. There was no way to highlight the different happenings in all locations, or to get people involved (as mentors or donors) on a location basis. It was also very very green…

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Collaboration and consensus

During the discovery phase, we involved representatives from each city to ensure that all their needs would be addressed. By collaborating early and often, we were able to learn as much as possible and get consensus on decisions. We created a streamlined flow for the user, grouping information by location, as well as creating architecture consistency across the locations and the overall site.

Casey designed a beautiful, contemporary, clean site, using their green as a wonderful accent, and the team was extremely thrilled.