Takeaways you can put into practice immediately.

In our experience as designers, we noticed that when we take the time to explain the fundamental principles of design or UX, clients appreciated learning and enjoyed the process even more. This lead to the creation of workshops—short learning sessions that we lead and bring to you and your team.

Sharing our knowledge with you creates a unique environment:

  1. A truly collaborative working relationship
  2. A common language and vocabulary
  3. Allows you engage in the creative process more effectively
  4. Elevates outcomes
  5. You can confidently support the work after the project

Workshop Format

The 60-min workshop format provides a high level understanding of the topic and a handful of easy to remember takeaways you can use and put into practice immediately.

Q&A throughout makes the time immediately relevant to your team. And we get to know more about you and how you work. It’s also a lot of fun!

Schedule Workshops

We usually conduct our workshops as part of our process when you engage in a design project. However, we also provide the workshops as a stand-alone offering. We have given the workshops as lunch-and-learn sessions, offsite programming, and team-building outings with dozens of marketing teams.

Schedule a Workshop


Working with designers is an integral part of any marketing team and the design process, but it isn’t always easy to communicate your vision and needs. Join us for this 60-min workshop to learn the basic design vocabulary, principles, and processes for evaluating and critiquing design.

  • Understand the 5 fundamental design principles
  • Learn basic design vocabulary
  • Practice a process for evaluating and critiquing design

SEO plays an important role in helping your audience easily access your website content.

Join us for this 60-min workshop that will give you and your team a high-level understanding of SEO and demonstrate a handful of easy steps you can take to improve your site’s ranking on google and other search engines.

  • Understand what SEO is and why is it important
  • Learn about relevance: how Google identifies the most relevant websites related to search terms
  • Learn how to develop a list of targeted keywords
  • Optimize your site’s content
  • Helpful tools

Join us for this 1-hour workshop on creating content that is easily read online and accessible to all audiences. This workshop prepares your team for creating new website content as well as maintaining it.

  • Understand how people read on the web
  • Learn how to write content for a great user experience
  • Learn about accessibility in context to writing and formatting content
  • Master how to format content for a good user experience
  • Practical tips on how to make content scannable



Julia and her colleagues at Opus Design have figured out how to demystify design by providing a handful of practical tools that promotes the kind of thinking and action needed across teams responsible for developing content of all kinds. In their workshop, teams with little to no background in design, leave with a common language and process. Simply put, they turn “good design” into something we can all get our arms around.

Bryan KohlManager – Retail Learning and Development, Bose Corporation