Karma Commuting Poster Designs

The client: 

MASCO is a nonprofit that focuses on enhancing life in the Longwood Medical and Academic (LMA) area.  The members of MASCO believe this area of Boston is key to so many who visit, work, live and are educated in Boston and they want a to create community, a kind community.

The project:

Karma Commuting is an annual awareness campaign that Opus has designed now for 5 years working with MASCO.  Karma Commuting is an multi- month effort to bring good karma to you and others around you on your commute.  Opus Design of Boston creates poster designs for their LMA buses, social media and digital banners for their website to promote the campaign. Safety and courtesy are main themes and every year it’s fun to find a new and different way to approach the project.

Design challenge and approach: 

There are many different types of commuters in the LMA: drivers, bikers, people taking mass transit and of course, pedestrians. This year MASCO asked us to emphasize safe cell phone usage.  Sr. Designer, Emily Knapp created a whole new modern illustration style and worked with the tag line “Eyes Up, Phone Down.”  She used this tagline across four different poster designs.  She also made the posters more engaging by drawing a devil and angel as bad and good behaviors to demonstrate something relatable.  We have all felt the struggle to pick up the phone while commuting.

Emily’s illustration style feels fresh, modern, approachable and most importantly, eye-catching. We’re very excited about the latest Karma Commuting poster designs.

adobe draw poster designs poster designs


Emily was able to use Adobe Draw on the iPad Pro while logged into the Creative Cloud Suite.  When using Adobe Draw, saving to your library will automatically send your work to Illustrator on your desktop so you can continue working from your computer.  In Illustrator you are able to edit points easier because it is vector based.  Give it a try or call Opus and let our design company design for you!