McGovern Institute branding and Logo design

Branding & logo design for brain research institute

The McGovern Institute is a collaborative community of world-class, highly specialized researchers who set out to explore and understand the brain in order to help people with brain disorders and enhance the human experience. Upon its founding, the organization petitioned the design of a logo. Over time, however, as their mission evolved and as the logo’s functional challenges emerged, there was a need for change.  We agreed that brand research would be useful in developing the brand strategy.

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First, Brand Research

Opus set out to conduct brand research to inform important decisions and next steps. We rigorously tested the existing logo with a variety of users, explored the evolution of the brand, and designed and repeated user-testing of a new logo to better represent the new McGovern Institute. Our analysis provided the confidence necessary to move forward.

Final branding and logo design

After testing several logo options with the target audiences, the team concluded to move forward with an option that keeps a lot of the essence of the original logo but updates it visually to be more contemporary. It is also easier to use in a wide variety of applications, which was one of the important goals of this logo refresh and branding project.

We have deeply enjoyed serving the McGovern Institute across a wide range of initiatives designed to showcase their important work and profound impact through brain research. Through other services including website print and infographic design, we are able to focus on communication efforts in addition to branding & logo design that are the most engaging and moving for their target audiences.