MIT Chemistry accessible website design

Accessible MIT department website

Website architecture

The MIT Chemistry department needed to create a new and accessible website design. They had a lot of content, but the old site was lacking structure and flow. In addition to architecture improvements, they wanted a website design to help them stand out from other departments at MIT and as well as other chemistry departments at other universities.  Their researchers are global leaders in their field, but the department wanted to achieve a modern and approachable feel for students, donors, and faculty.

User experience design

In the UX phase, we developed a sitemap for the website design with clear entry points for the user groups. During wireframing, we created templates that elevated important information, allowed users to accomplish goals quickly, but would also be flexible for site expansion.

Accessible website design

During the website design project, Ellery created a wonderfully approachable and fun color palette. An innovative approach to imagery on the homepage and subpages completed the picture.

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