Speaker graphics for Wired 2016



Leslie John is an associate professor at Harvard Business School where she does research on irrationality. Leslie’s work led to the development of something called the “Privacy Paradox.” She worked with Opus to design speaker graphics for her talk at this year’s WIRED2016 conference in London.

In her talk, Leslie describes the paradox that exists between a person’s need to protect privacy, and their surprising willingness to share private information. Leslie needed clean, engaging visuals to convey her ideas to the audience at WIRED.

Working with Opus

After talking through her presentation slides, Ellery and I helped her think about the kinds of graphics that she would need. We wanted visuals that would help her audience

  • follow her story and ideas,
  • see the comparisons she wanted to make in the data, and
  • come to the same conclusions and insights together.

Ellery designed several infographics including a privacy spectrum that repeated and changed throughout the talk, and even some custom photographs to make some of Leslie’s ideas more real. It’s cool to watch graphics that we create here in Cleveland Circle, shared on a global stage in London…or at least here on youtube.

Graphic Design for Speakers