Social Innovation Forum 2015

This year’s Social Innovation Forum was pretty special to us for a few reasons. This year, Opus worked with 7 local non-profits, helping them with their powerpoint presentation templates and model infographics. Usually there are 5 or sometimes 6. This year, Ellery Curran played a larger leadership role taking on 3 of these groups herself.

This year, and most importantly, Root Cause announced that the Social Innovation Forum would be spinning off as a separate organization, with Director Susan Musinsky as the new CEO.  Susan started with SIF in 2005 and has been the driving force for the Forum which employs an amazing team of staff and volunteers each year. She is also the inspiration, and the reason why, corporations, philanthropists, non-profits,  designers and many others, meet, learn and help each other. We are proud to have been a part of the SIF journey so far and look forward to their bright future.

Graphics to support fundraising

This year’s innovators were Catie’s Closet, Company One Theatre, Courageous Parents Network, Mass Public Health Association, Mystic River Watershed Association, PressPass TV and Waypoint Adventure.  Opus works with the groups to understand what they do, how they do it and how it makes a difference. The resulting graphic is used to communicate to the public and support their fundraising efforts. Here are a few from this year.





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