Creative campaign for Peak Resorts

Wildcat Digital CreativeIt’s still 45 degrees in Boston but we’re dreaming about snow here in Cleveland Circle. After working with Southern Vermont and Mount Snow last year, Opus got the call to help with a few more cool destinations in New Hampshire. Peak Resorts hired us to do creative campaigns for Attitash and Wildcat located up in the White Mountains as well as some trade show signage for Crotched Mountain in southern New Hampshire.

Creative Campaign

For Wildcat and Attitash, we conducted research and interviewed several season pass holders to hear, in their own words, what makes each mountain distinct from the competition. Both are awesome, in their own way, with different vibes and different strengths. We wanted to promote them both in a manner that was somehow cohesive, but maintain the brands that each have built over the years.

Wildcat is preserved, part of the national forest, undeveloped with pristine views of mount washington and tuckerman ravine. They are consistently ranked #1 for Scenery by Ski Magazine and it really is breathtaking up there. The facility itself is older and “rustic” but diehards pretty much say they wouldn’t change a thing. Our campaign, “Purrfection” builds on the feline metaphor (with trail names like Polecat, Cougar, and Lynx), and conveys the idea that even when winds are 40 mph, and it’s damn cold, it’s still pure joy just to be out on the mountain.


Attitash has a nice lodge, fireplace, decent food, great bands and terrain that’s just as steep and challenging as Wildcat but a lot of people don’t realize it. There are other resorts in the area  that are known for being super kid friendly or super chic, but Attitash is a better option because it offers more as your family grows  — whether its another peak with different style terrain, slopeside accommodations or more entertainment options. “More Adventure Awaits” speaks to taking your family to an exciting place that will continually offer more.

Peak Creative Campaign

Peak Advantage

Since the resorts are owned by the same company and located in the same region, Peak lets you ski freely between the two mountains. So you can buy a lift ticket to one and ski at the other, or check out one in the in the morning and another after lunch.  This massive billboard in Rochester NH was used to unify the two brands and show the strength as a double offering with “Our Mountains will Move you.”

skishow-crotchedboston ski show-crotched

 Boston Ski Show

Last month at the Boston Ski Show, Opus designed some cool signage for Crotched‘s booth. Crotched is only about an hour from the city and soon you’ll see our posters on the T advertising “Midnight Madness”( skiing till 3AM).

Last year’s huge grey piles in the city are long forgotten. Let it SNOW!

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