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We are a results-driven graphic design company and website design agency.  We deliver strategic and empowering creative services across a wide range of sectors including education, non-profit, food and beverage, technology, professional services and more.

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Our creative agency offers a variety of services from branding, logo design, and custom website design to infographics, accessible website development, and marketing campaigns.

Our branding and logo design projects start with stakeholder, audience, and competitor research. We help you articulate how you want the outside world to perceive your company or organization, both today and in the future. Design and marketing decisions are informed by strategic goals and strengthening your brand.

Good design begins with strategy. Strategy without effective design falls flat. We achieve outstanding results by integrating both. Visual design and design thinking are at the core of our process.

Infographics are an effective way to share data that might otherwise be dry, difficult to understand, or confusing. Our approach to infographic design starts by understanding the data and developing the insight or messaging.

We start marketing campaigns by developing a clear message that tells your story with a consistent, persuasive voice. We pair the message with branded visual design that works across many formats and media.

Custom presentation design builds a memorable first impression of high-quality content. In combination with infographics and visual storytelling, presentations become powerful tools to convey your message and data, build awareness, and persuade someone to take action.

We design a variety of publications and print design including annual reports, brochures, direct mail, toolkits, magazines, alumni magazines, posters, research reports, strategic plans, and viewbooks.

For the design of research reports we develop a clear structure that allows the reader to follow the information easily. Infographics help convey complex information and share the insight from your data.

We deliver custom web design and responsive website development that drive traffic and results for our clients. Our websites focus on a great user experience: creating an enjoyable process that allows users to accomplish goals efficiently. Accessible website design is important to us — we create websites where all users have equal access to information and functionality.

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Purposeful Design

We believe the best design is purposeful — design that captivates target audiences and enables the successful pursuit of strategic goals. We help you methodically challenge historical approaches and explore your organization, as well as relevant external influences, through new lenses and frameworks.

Purposeful Design
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From start to finish, working with Opus Design on a total website redesign for our department was nothing short of a pleasure. We had an ambitious deadline by which to launch the new site, and the team we worked with kept us on track while being a great source of support. They were all extremely thoughtful, responsive, understanding, patient and visionary throughout the process, and truly revitalized our department’s web presence in a manner that was at once highly creative and efficient.



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