Logo design process

It is always nice to finish a logo project. The result is a clean, beautiful, perfect mark. It looks like it was very easy to create. But the reality of the logo design process is pretty complex and iterative. Experience and practice have taught us which steps in the development are more important than others. So we have created a very efficient process but it takes a lot of work.

Before we can actually start drawing (the fun part) we have to focus on collecting information. We work with our clients to identify the core of their business offering though interviews and secondary research. We determine the target audience, how to differentiate from competitors, brainstorm possible concepts, and discuss our findings with our client. This step is very important to make sure the logo we create will serve their business needs. The research phase probably takes up 30% of the logo process.

Then we get started on the drawings based on the research findings (black and white only, we don’t want to distract with color in this early stage). Everyone in our team is involved. More heads, more ideas, better logos. And then we sit together as a team and evaluate the drawings (not just aesthetically, but we look at the research and we make sure we are on target!). We choose the most successful options and continue to refine them, then review, then refine, etc. Until we have our first set to present to our client.

After we present our drawings and we collect feedback on the chosen design options, we refine and review internally again a few times. Then we present again, collect feedback again, and refine again. As many times as necessary to come up with the final, little, perfect mark. Depending on the project and the size of the decision-making client team, it usually takes 3-5 rounds with the client (many more internal rounds) before the final black and white logo version is finished.

Then it’s time for color. This phase also starts with research. Which colors are appropriate for the business? Which colors differentiate? What do the colors mean? We create several (maybe 5-10) different color options and work with the client another 2-3 rounds to finalize the color logo.

Now we are almost done with the logo design process. We create a brand and logo style guide that summarizes the research findings, brand, and guidelines for the logo application. We deliver the guide along with all the different logo file types (jpg, eps, png,…) to our client.

Done! And ready to kick off website design and other marketing materials based on the new visual identity we created.