HOW Design Live and TEDx

By Lily Robles

graphic design conference in Boston

I just finished 4 solid days of conference. Three at HOW Design Live — a beautiful and inspiring celebration of graphic design in Boston — and one at TEDxBoston. My head is pretty close to exploding, but I’m determined to sleep well tonight and work with Julia this week to capture as much of our learning as possible in the coming weeks. We learned about new tools, really new ways to access those tools, and awesome new things to create with those tools. (All Adobe…are you serious?)

Besides software though, there were cool vendors in the showroom and of course, the amazing presenters. They came from all disciplines of design: book covers, logos/branding,  product design , photography, marketing, illustration and more. Each had their own perspective on the industry, their own advice to offer, their own stories to tell.

Lynch at TEDxAnd right in the middle of this inspiring celebration of graphic design in Boston, I had the chance to go to my first TEDx. When I sat down in the beautiful auditorium, the first thing I noticed was how much more comfortable the seating was than HOW…after all designers will sit on the floor if they have to.  And as the lights dimmed I had the eerie feeling of being inside a youtube video window. The black and red branding of TED is so distinct and that stage is so familiar. Here again, the curators gathered an amazing group of idea presenters and artistic performers. So happy to see music, poetry and dance!

There is much to write about …but I’ll stop here and say that some of the best moments from these 4 days came from meeting some young and seasoned attendees, who in some cases, were equally impressive and engaging. I feel very lucky.