Decision making online: user centered selling experiences

Make decisions easier for a user

In user experience design, as well as graphic and web design, there are methods of organizing and presenting information to make decisions easier for a user. If you have a clear understanding of who your users are, their experience can be customized to offer the most value. This leads to a user centered experience of decision making online.

It’s difficult to recommend or convince someone that a product is relevant for them if you don’t first understand who they are.

Understanding your audience is crucial to providing the best user experience. When faced with online buying options, if there is too much uncertainty with the information presented, people will most likely avoid the situation entirely by leaving your website. People naturally scan and sample information quickly, and if you’re not clearly presenting that information, they will move on.

Self-proclaimed results

Many online buying experiences are guided by turning a decision making process into an interactive, seemingly self-proclaimed result. This process allows the user to learn about a product as they answer a series of questions. At the end of that process they feel like they’ve discovered a customized, tailored product, and they’ve confirmed its relevance through a series of questions. It’s a convincing way to get someone to buy your product… manipulative, but clever.

Informed design helps — the examples below are also are examples of aesthetically pleasing information design. They’ve done an excellent job of understanding the shopper’s needs, and relating that need to products or services they are selling. This approach admits that there are many different types of users who could be buyers, and after getting to know who they are, a product is confidently recommended. This leads the user to a confident buying decision. And it’s a fun user experience!

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