Concept infographics

The project

For a session at SWSW edu the Dean of Graduate Education at MIT needed several concept infographics discussing the new university she is establishing. The infographics visualize the innovative models the the university will leverage to address challenges in higher education.

The client

Dean of Graduate Education, MIT

Design challenge and approach

The infographics for this presentation design were not based on data but rather concepts and structures of the new approach of the university. So the first step to creating the graphics was understanding how the new university was different from existing approaches. During several conversations, the client and design team brainstormed and established the structures and content for the infographics with sketches. The look and feel direction was tested and discussed looking at a variety of reference materials.

Based on the research discussions, the graphic design team established design options and after iterating and collecting feedback from the client, several infographics were created. Some infographics were based on data, most of them were not. Especially for new concepts that the audience is unfamiliar with, infographics serve as an invaluable tool for communication.

concept infographics 1concept infographics 2

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