WestCoast Fresh outstanding web design

The client

WestCoast Fresh is a Boston-based company  that brings vegetables and fruits from farms to markets all over the country.  They partner with farmers and practice responsible, sustainable methods of growing, packaging, shipping and storing to ensure quality products for consumers. They needed a web design that accurately reflected their mission and values.

The project

After designing the company’s new logo, WestCoast Fresh asked Opus to design a completely new website.  The website would be used by grocers, produce buyers and farmers. It should reflect their brand promise, provide up-to-date information about produce availability, as well as general information about the company.  The website would also showcase the WCF sub-brands for special lines of produce that Casey McGee designed for them.

Design challenge and approach 

Art Director, Ellery Curran led the design on this project.  After listening to the client, Ellery realized their priorities were to display their produce, make their sub-brands known and have a clean, simple web design.  Opus helped WestCoast Fresh find a photographer to go to Mexico and take pictures of their farms, their growers, and of course, their produce.  These beautiful photos tell the story of the people, the work and the process and they were critical to the success of the design.

website design WestCoast Fresh

The WestCoast Fresh website received the Silver Award for Outstanding Website Home Page from W3.  What’s different and interesting about the design is that the entire homepage is a slider; not just a discrete section as with many sites. When all the colors and information change after a few seconds, it’s bit unexpected and appealing.  Each whole page slider features a different sub-brand and each sub-brand has it’s own color palette.

The challenge came in balancing the asymmetry of the design and the application of brand sub-colors. By mixing the grid structure with text and photo sizes, Ellery was able to give the homepage a balanced feel. She applied the colors to the grid to complement the sub-brands and kept the navigation clear and consistent.  She resolved the aesthetic of multiple palettes and hierarchy to create an intuitive user experience.

web design-WestCoast Fresh

Ellery loved going through all the beautiful photos to choose which ones fit perfectly with each sub-brand, content and grid element. It was a rewarding project for Opus because the clients loved the design and it truly transformed their on-line presence.

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