Visualizing trends in data infographics

Recently we posted about the launch of one of the websites we designed, the MBTA performance dashboard, a user-friendly, interactive series of infographics that displays their performance data and allows more transparency for their customers.

Over the past few months we have been working with them again to prepare for their second launch. The aim being to continue to create a more robust database and to give the customers more ways to view the data.

What’s New in Infographics

The user can now view trends across the data by selecting the “view trends” button available in the reliability and ridership sections. To increase the usability design of the website, we created charts that show relationships across both the past 7 and past 30 days, giving the user context to the current day or months statistics. Now users will be able to easily compare how their commute today went in comparison to yesterdays or last weeks.

Read more in the Boston Globe.

MBTA Reliability Infographics