PowerPoint Presentation for the President of MIT

The client

President L. Rafael Reif of MIT, the 17th president of Massachusetts Institute of Technology and his communication team.

The project

Opus Design of Boston was hired to create a powerpoint for President Reif to use for an annual meeting.  The powerpoint would be a  modern design and highlight the data visually so the members will reflect on the information.  This powerpoint gives the board members a history and overview of MIT, the impact MIT has, a glimpse into the future of MIT and seeks insight from these members.

Design challenge and approach

The approach Senior Graphic Designer, Casey McGee took was to make the slides visually interesting with color and icons. An audience can easily walk away from a slide show and not be able to remember half of the information given because too much data is presented or the data wasn’t presented clearly.  However, when the data is presented in a distinct style with clear hierarchy. more information can be remembered and this is what our design agency tries to do with infographics.

best graphic design

Another important feature of this presentation was the model graphic.  The model graphic is a type of infographic that depicts MIT’s mission visually in one graphic, it depicts what will take several slides to unpack in detail.  This model graphic went through several steps to produce just the right graphic for MIT.  Opus is committed to working with their clients to produce the highest quality designs.

Best infographic

The model graphic was used throughout the presentation to emphasize each part of the mission as the President talked about them. Again this visual helps to retain the information as it is repeated throughout the presentation, with slight variations.  As you’ll notice below, while talking about education, the slider and graphic is blue and only the education column is white.

Best Graphic Design Boston

The Result

The result was a presentation that President L. Rafael Reif of MIT felt was a success.  Glen from the office of the president said, “ItI did want to thank all of you for your help with President Reif‘s presentation. It looked beautiful — and it went extremely well — especially on the huge hi-res LED screen we had to rent.  The meeting as a whole was a success! The president, provost, CEOs were all pleased with the event. And the president would like to find ways to use these types of slides moving forward.  So thank you!