Foundation Giving Society Logo

The client

The Joe Andruzzi Foundation asked for a new logo but they are not a new client.  We have been working with Joe and Jen for 7 years.  Joe, a former New England Patriot, after battling and beating cancer, created a foundation to help others with cancer. Their foundation provides both financial and emotional support to cancer patients and their families with grants and upbeat activities.

The project

The Foundation is establishing a new giving society.  It will focus on businesses partners and create long-term stability for the organization. They had the name, Champions Circle, but they came to our design company in Boston, for the giving society logo and print materials to help brand this important group.

Design challenge and approach

When Ellery Curran, Art Director and lead designer, met with the client, she gathered their information into a creative brief.  This brief guides her as she begins the research and design process.  It covers the audience, brand attributes, emotion, tone, look and feel, and design direction.   This new giving society logo for Champions Circle was to be circular and signify people coming together, connecting around football, and be inspired by the idea of a champion and possibly some kind of seal or crest shape.  The process takes several reviews, but the logo that Opus Design delivered was everything they were looking for.   A professional look for this business society and yet true to the football element of the foundation with just the right look and feel.  It was a clever and fitting design solution.

New Logo

The Champion Circle society was launched with an invitation mailer.  We worked together to combine the Joe Andruzzi Foundation logo with this new logo and then designed the print material to engage the new donors.  One feature was a photo to help create a personal and emotional connection. Ellery considered the tactile feel of the letter of this mailer; knowing that business professionals would be receiving it.  She wanted nice paper with a little more weight.  She paid careful attention to this detail to be responsible with a non-profit budget and still provide a quality product.

New logo

New logo