MIT AeroAstro 100 Logo Design


The Aeroastro department at MIT is celebrating their 100 anniversary this year and we were excited to design the centennial logo. Last night Lily and I attended the MIT Aeroastro 100 symposium banquet and it was very exciting to see the logo we designed on the powerpoint presentation and event materials. The project also included invitation design, the design of the program, a timeline installation, and the design of the annual magazine. The event was fabulous. Great speakers, wonderful guests and of course beautiful graphic design.

The three-day symposium included talks, panels and presentations featuring the insights of MIT alumni; some of the best-known names in industry, government, and academia; Apollo and Shuttle astronauts, students, and many others.

Photo Oct 23, 6 04 13 PM Photo Oct 23, 7 37 35 PM