Making friends

One of the awesome experiences we had as Youth Design mentors this summer was making new friends.

During one of the info sessions before the program started, I met another mentor. Her name is Vassia and she is the senior designer at Communispace. The design group at Communispace is mentoring a Youth Designer as well this summer, so she was also at the info session.We talked about our companies, our work and our team and had a great conversation. We discovered that our design approach was very similar despite the fact that our companies are very different: Communispace is a big, growing company located in a beautiful new office on the waterfront. Opus Design is very small and located in a small, but light-filled office in Cleveland Circle.

So we thought we’d organize two mini field trips — we’d visit each other with our Youth Designers and learn more about the other’s work, design spaces and teams.

On August 8, Vassia and Collin (the Youth Designer at Communispace) came to visit us in Cleveland Circle. We showed them our office and work samples, ate pizza and talked about our work and clients. Opus’ Youth Designer Aaron, shared his thoughts on his experience so far in the program, and the types of projects he was working on.

One week later, the Opus team made the trip to Communispace. The office was amazing, with beautiful branding throughout, scary modern elevators, and computers at conference rooms entrances that display reservations.  Vassia showed us work samples (tons of infographics!) that they have in a big open space on display. She walked us though the building and introduced us to the design team. We had lunch in the green monster — their Fenway Park branded cafeteria. We got to see Collin’s portfolio, the huge in-house printer (jealous!) and we learned a lot about Communispace. It was an awesome city field trip and I hope we stay in touch with our new friends.

Client Logos in the Entrance

Vassia showing us a before/after of an infographic she designed

Os Gemeos artwork on the way to the office.