Brochure design

CAPA came to our design studio so we could help them with a refresh of their brochure. The existing template had been described as hard to follow. The overall description was for an easy to follow, impactful brochure design, that overall had more of a magazine than a brochure feel. The brochure is used in particular at school fairs, but they are also placed in school guidance offices.

The Client

CAPA partners with higher education institutions to create Study Abroad programs. These programs are located in what they call “Global Cities”, which are centers of economic development. Each program location has an education center where students attend classes. Many times, these centers are in local universities with whom they partner.

The project

We were asked to create this redesign for their 2019 Student Brochure and the Summer Brochure.  Their goal was to create something more streamlined and easier to follow for their target audience of students and parents. In addition, they wanted each spread to feel distinct and impactful, so the brochure follows more of a magazine style, with each layout being unique. The only outliers were the city pages, where all the program information was located. These pages all used the same layout so that the information was very clear.

magazine feel brochure

Design approach

Art Director, Emily Knapp, was excited to work on this project as she loves the subject matter: travel.  Looking through all the photos was fun, so the often challenging part of finding which images worked best in the various layouts was not so challenging. As they wanted them to feel like a part of the past brochure family, Emily drew stylistic inspiration from past issues. In addition, we used their fonts and colors and made sure that the CAPA brand was prominent. The 2018 Brochure cover had departed from the previous use of “swooshes”, but for 2019 they wanted to bring them back in. The loss of the swooshes felt like they were losing some of their previous brand recognition.

Brochure Magazine

Emily’s favorite page is the table of contents layout.  Take a look below at the map and pull out.

brochure magazine