Logo Design — Fulbright University Vietnam

The client

Fulbright University Vietnam is a not-for-profit, self-governing institution of higher education dedicated to learning and the betterment of society. This entirely new university is planned for Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam.

The project

FUV asked our design agency for a logo.  The logo design is the cornerstone of a brand, and the exercise, research and, experience of creating the logo, reveals the brand identity.  Opus Design of Boston focuses on higher education institutions, but it’s a rare and exciting opportunity to be involved so early in a university development.  Our project was to create their logo and help establish them as a emerging, important, and innovating university.

Design challenge and approach

There were several things to keep in mind when designing a logo for an audience in another country. Designer, Casey McGee was the lead designer on this project and started with researching colors and their meanings in Vietnam.  The client gave insight to avoid Vietnam stereo-typical symbols.  They wanted the logo to look established and serious, and at the same time also fresh and innovative, and an entity that is just being formed.  The idea was a shield drawn in a different way. Kinetic lines coming together to form a modern execution of a shield.  The lines demonstrate collaboration, creativity and community.

Fulbrigth logo



logo brand book

Brand Book

Opus Design also created a brand book for FUV.  A brand book describes the company’s visual identity and includes a brand statement and brand attributes.  It shows internal marketing, designers, and other audiences, how to use the logo, color palette, and typography for marketing pieces like powerpoint presentations, letterhead, folders or fact sheets.  It is a practical and actionable guide that design companies create as the deliverable for a branding and logo project.

The FUV team members are excited to have this new visual identity as they continue to design and build their new school culture and campus.